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booty wurk t-pain vs surtek collective mashup

Booty Wurkt - Surtek Collective vs T-Pain ft. Young Cash (Bigger Bass = Bigger Booty ReMash)

My last work as Rumtrigger, this is a flopped T-Pain banger infused with screwed Surtek Aciton!

saw2 3ball aphex twin mty mashup

Saw2-3Ball - Aphex Twin vs Erick Rincon/Sheeqo Beat (Michael Bruce Mash)

Whipped up this crazy mash with two of my favorite things!

paper upper cuts cr-rumbacha 101

Cr-rumbacha 101 - Michael Bruce feat. Papi

An all analog drum machine/acid experiment featuring Portland, Oregon's prolific David 'Papi' Fimbres' first ever vocal work!