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amanar remix compilation

Amanar - Tenere (Michael Bruce Remix)

Remix for Sahel Sound's Amanar, the modern guitar Tuareg band from Northern Mali. Download the whole compilation here at Sahel Sounds.

running times remix

Gulls - Running Times (Michael Bruce Remix)

Remix for homie Gulls in celebration of his 12", Running Times EP.

el tribalero remix

DJ Tack & DJ Tamalero - El Tribalero (Michael Bruce Bootwork Remix)

Super excited to reveal this official remix for up and coming 3Ball stars, DJ's Tack and Tamalero through label, Tropical Bass. Within this extended "transition" remix, we go from 130-160 and back again. From tribal to a footwork-influenced whirlwind resulting in what I call "BOOTWORK"!

quarry quadplex remix

Quarry - Quadplex (Michael Bruce Remix)

Remix for ma dood Quarry of STYLSS. This is his (and STYLSS) debut release, "Hood Shit EP" and is also the largest compilation I have ever been apart of. By that I mean there is a seriously huge list of dudes on this comp (33+ tracks)!

music for saharan cellphones

Hamza and Wassila - Dak Gnaoui (Michael Bruce Remix) on Music FOR Saharan Cellphones Comp!

"If you’re not familiar with Music From Saharan Cellphones, the basic story is this: Chris Kirkley, of Sahel Sounds, spent months travelling around Mali and Mauritania, collecting MP3s distributed through a network of mobile phones, analagous to – but totally independent of – the internet. Obviously in the West, phones are used as an access point to the global internet, but here we’re talking about them as devices for storing and playing sound files which allow sharing via bluetooth and SD card when in physical proximity to one another. Distribution through the network is dependent on the physical movements of people, making it much slower and more locally variant than the global internet, but also able to deal with a very different set of challenges.

So, Sahel Sounds has been tapping into this network, extracting music and sharing it on the global internet with which those of us in the West are more familiar. With the Music For Saharan Cellphones project, Gulls and Boomarm Nation turn that on it’s head, with producers remixing, reinterpreting and re-imagining these tunes, and then releasing them back into the Saharan wild via 30 SD cards which are being sent to Kidal, Mali, to be absorbed back into the cell phone network." - Andy Kisaragi of Generation Bass.

Also, I cannot refrain from mentioning this highlight published in the actual paper version of The Wire!

download the whole comp for free from BOOMARM NATION

paper/upper/cuts remix

Paper/Upper/Cuts – Traditional Uprise (Michael Bruce: Wonky 3Ball Guaratranceo REMIX)

My homie Papi's new record is an intense escape from reality even if that reality is on a dope beach in Mexico. You must stream the record!

skweee cruise vinyl record

Shting Shtank on Skweee Cruise - Poisonous Gases 04

The original introduction of "Skweee-ton" on fellow PDXer, Poisonous Gases' "Skweee Cruise". A mega compilation featuring globalized skweee beats from pioneers of the genre from all over the world.

michael bruce 7 inch record

Lo Snap / Fiskemelke 7" - Poisonous Gases 02

First response to the Scandanavian Skweee movement via Lazercrotch's Poisonous Gases imprint in Portland, OR. slurp.

gulls freeer remix

Gulls - Freeer 12" (Michael Bruce Remix)

My B side to a Gulls' classic - substituting 100% analog drum machines, synths, and effects to coincide with freeer’s composition. Released on the tiny, but incredible, Sonic Lozenge.