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Future Legends podcast #15

This is a mix of my top picks from last year's ever expanding TROPICAL BASS scene throughout the world! Many of which were proven floor movers at the DISCOS DISCOS dance party. Make sure to check out the highly recommended Portland-based blog/dj crew/podcast, Future Legend!!

Triple Digits After Midnight - Kuduro/Club Mix 2011

This mix was created for Tropical Bass Dance Monthly : DISCOS DISCOS at Holocene, Portland, OR. The mix features some of the most successful dance floor tracks played after midnight at DISCOS DISCOS in 2011 so far.

Trece Trival - 3Ball Hyper Mix

13 tracks from 13 Dj Tribaleros, this hyper mix was created for DISCOS DISCOS dance party. All artists included have been very influential to Rumtrigger (R.I.P. - Michael Bruce) the past few months. This is a BIG UP and THANKS BACK ATCHA! Big 3Ballin in 2011!

Cumbia Mezclado - Quick n Rough Mix

A hard-hitting all cumbia mix designed to begin the night! Enjoy these remixed classics as they have been enjoyed the previous months and the decades prior!